Practical sitting and sleeping furniture with functional added value:

Practical sitting and sleeping furniture with functional added value:

There is not always enough room to accommodate a real bed where it may be necessary for a variety of reasons. One solution to overcome such a problem is the sofa bed. Since we know the many different reasons that lead to the purchase of a sofa bed, we have a wide range in the online store ready for you to meet every need.

The most important criterion for selecting a suitable sofa bed is the question of the main use of the furniture: should the sofa bed only occasionally function as a guest bed or be used permanently as a substitute for a bed every night? Is the sofa only sometimes used for sitting or should it serve as fully upholstered furniture in the living room?

Which sofa is suitable for permanent sleepers?

If a sofa is used to sleep every night, it should have a proper mattress that can be adapted to the individual needs of the sleeper. Alternatively, there is also high quality, mattress-like padding z. B. with spring core, which is intended for continuous use.

The box-spring sofa bed “Carol”, which features a durable cushioning with pocket spring core and a foam topper, is particularly comfortable and equipped with high-quality sleep function. The well thought-out design not only allows you to relax comfortably during the day but also sleeps ergonomically at night on the 115×200 cm large lying surface. Do not miss to visit our best mattress sales today section for the best deal.

Different cover types and colors

Constant burners in sofas include the colors white, gray, blue, brown, anthracite and black. Depending on the current trend and the furniture for sitting and sleeping in other colors, for example in pink, petrol or mustard yellow are available. Our classic among sleeping couches is the “Astoria” sofa bed, which offers a wealth of color nuances.

Similar to the colors, the sofas offer a wide range of cover styles to choose from. Whether velvet, mottled fabric, artificial leather or velour – there is something for every taste. Artificial leather is particularly easy to care for thanks to its smooth surface, which is why many families with children opt for such a style of clothing. In addition, fabrics with a dirt-repellent Teflon coating are also available.

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